on Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When loneliness surrounds me,
I seek warmth and affection.
And i go back to those nostalgic memories.
But in the bask of sun,
Under the clear sky
I feel the warmth that gives me the strength,
To fly away across the blue sky.
I see flowers blossoming everywhere,
Which is a reflection of the bliss of my heart.
This joy, this feeling gives me hope
I'll someday reach those distant stars.
It seems the dreams are coming true,
Life's becoming passionate and worthy too.
And i fly up and high, in the bosom of sky...
Embracing the rainbows, that make me feel alive!!!


Anonymous said...

hey keep ..ur hopes nd aspirations to fullest...u will definitely succeed..and thats for sure..

( baaki itna bhi aasmaan mein mat pahuch jana ki network se hi out of reach ho jao )


Mukesh said...

pakka tumne khudne likhi h ?? :P
bahut sahi h .. i will pray from god that u will reach the highest sky !!! n mein upar se dhakka du ;)

careless infancy said...

@ manish

i'll set up my own networks

@ mukesh

of course i hv written tis poem...oye dun suspect...n thank u for the wishes...waise upar se dhakka dene k liye tumhe bhi upar aana padega :P