Dare to dream

on Friday, June 26, 2009

Stand up tall,

And face the world.
O dear butterfly,
Just take my word.
Leave the cocoon,
And come out of the shell.
The world is beautiful,
Put all your fears on a quell.
Don't be shy,
Dare to dream.
And once you dream,
Make sure your anxieties are creamed.
Don't confine,
Break the shackles.
Courage, my dear
Is the key to all miracles.
Look at the crab,
It stays within its shell.
But to witness light,
Even it has to move out of the pall.
The efforts you make,
Will help you shine.
The wings fully grown
Will take you to cloud nine.
So put all your worries aside,
It's time to take that first stride.
Take your big leap,
Abandon the sheath.
For those beautiful wings,
Are hidden beneath.
O dear, remember the heed,
Only those who act, get the lead.
Even the most beautiful painting,
Was once white.
It took the artist numerous strokes
To turn it into a beautiful sight.