The 3 mistakes of my life: book review

on Sunday, June 15, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life, another book by Chetan Bhagat written for Indians based on real events of an Indian. The characters of his book are young, passionate, ambitious and above all they are friends with the all those morals and ethos that of an Indian household. After the success of FPS and One nite @call centre, Bhagat has succeeded in scripting another story to be turned into a future blockbuster.

This is the story of Govind who has an acumen for maths and accounting, who's keen to be a businessman. They say business is in veins of Gujarat. It is a story of Ishaan, a military school dropout who quits army for his fervour for cricket. And there is Omi who unlike his father doesn't want to be a priest. This book is a combination of cricket, politics, religion, friendship, trust, mistakes and last but not the least, the most vital element of Bhagat's writing- love!

Story begins dramatically with author receiving an e-mail from Govind, a boy from Ahemdabad who took many sleeping pills and is on death bed. Author gets startled after receiving the mail and tracks down the guy from his e-mail ID and with the help of one of his professors at IIM. Govind narrates all the incidents of past that make this book 'The 3 mistakes of my life'.

Govind sets up a cricket shop to realize his dream of being a businessman and to support his friends to have a career of their choice and what added further to their business was Maths coaching given by Govind and cricket classes by Ishaan. And then Ishaan comes in contact with Ali, a young 12 years old child whose every strike results in a six due to hyper-reflex action of his brain. Guiding Ali and making him a star cricketer becomes Ishaan's goal of life. Another important character of the story is Omi's maternal uncle, Bittoo mama who is a communal party member who's keen to use the three young men to incite the communal feelings among the common masses for party's advantage. And then is Govind's love for his best friend's sister which is a violation of the unsaid protocol among men. Their lives take a turn when the city burns in the fire of the communal riots. Govind faces a nightmare when his betrayal comes in light with Ishaan knowing about Govind's unacceptable love for his sister and situation becomes grave with the loss of Omi. Govind's life is too messed up to pull through and he decides to give away his life.

Chetan Bhagat has touched the heart of Indian youth and a man remembering him in the last minutes of his life proves it.

The novel has dealt with issues like Bhuj earthquake and the Godhra issue very sensitively. It has got all the elements for a perfect bollywood flick. All in all, this book is ideal for whiling away with time, a simple, lucidly written book that one can finish reading in one go. Not as excellent as FPS, yet worth givin a try!!!!!

My ratings for this book: 7 on a scale of 10


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tarun said...

dear anu,
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rakesh said...

I wud rate it 4

That tooo being generous enough!!!!

He hasnt done anything great....

n Trust me ...Not even compared to ur sweet poems!!!!

Trust me.........ur 5 poems will have more CREATIVITY...n emotions than his thisStupid Book.

All He Has Tried to do MANIPULATE!!!!

MANIPULATE his past success......manipulate the Audience....

Tried to Mainuplate the YOUTH of India....

n many other things!!!!

Hav Read all his novels ( n hardly anything else....)but thats Y i guess I can Critize him more confidently!!!!!!)