61 years of Indian Independence

on Thursday, August 14, 2008

Here comes India's Independence day, another year added to the glorious past of our free nation. It's a time when number of emotions are running across the Indians. India has seen may ups and downs and twists and turns ever since its independence. We have grown a lot in past 61 years and still there's a great deal to be done. Last decade has witnessed a substantial progress and upcoming years are expected to witness India's headway at a greater pace. But at the end of 61years still what flusters us is what India still lacks in, do we realize the true sense of freedom???

Freedom has different interpretations to different people. Freedom to me is a break off from age old shackles of superstition and irrationality. We are still living in a society divided on grounds of caste, creed, language, gender and what not!!! To grow further we need to stand as one nation. But here an Indian is annihilating his fellow countrymen. Looting, mugging, plundering, rapes, molestation are commonplace. Terrorism in the name of religion successfully knocks down the nation. Quotas and reservations add to it. Bureaucracy, red tapeism, corruption and poverty grip the nation. Age old rudiments such as dowry system still prevail. Dangerous democracy terrifies all.

But is it all the fault of the system??? We need to be more responsible. There's a lack of respect for our nation among the masses. We need to stop taking freedom for granted.

India, a land rich in its culture and traditions with a rich history can truly live to its image of a great nation only when freedom is realized in its true sense. Let's take a resolution to be honest and responsible towards our duties towards our lovable and great nation. Let's proud to be INDIANS!!!!!

Happy Independence day to all..!


Anonymous said...


All of us have been good at pointing mistakes that the government is making. When asked for solution we are people who always step back. People talk about our policemen being corrupted, These people forget that they are the ones who are corrupting the people. They 'bargain' wen caught breaking the rules.

The government is doing its bit to take care of these problems, but the problem is much bigger than what we can imagine.It is never easy to eradicate the problem completely. All that we can do is start ourselves and inspire others in making India a better place.

Like Gandhi Ji would say 'Raasta kathin hai, par jeet pakki hai' (Transalation: The road ahead is tough, but a win is secure). It is us who need to change and not the government!!