The Almighty..

on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

He is great,
He is kind,
I bow my head,
In his shrine.
He is the knowledge,
He is the power,
He's the one,
Who gave me strength
To pull through so far.
He is the hope,
He is the Blessing,
He is the one,
Who keeps the world running.
He is faith,
He is fate
Wen in distress
Every one's mate.
His shower of blessings
Has no end
Anyone who believes in him,
Is welcome to his land.
He gave me mom,
He gave me dad,
A sweet little sister
To always hold my hand.
He preached love
He gave life
He made this beautiful Earth
Where we all survive.
He's the nature
He's the beauty
He's the light,
When everything feels murky.
He's the almighty
He's the GOD
 The guiding force,
Protecting us all!


Mukesh said...

again a lovely poem truly devoted to the only one ALMIGHTY...

Manish said...


I dont want to take any risk ..bcz its about the creator :)..

Anonymous said...

Nice post..
That's all i can say, because every line in this is true..
I'm blessed and so are you!

careless infancy said...

Here i go with individual replies:
@mukesh was a dduty to devote something to the Almighty who helps me grow better with every passing day
@ manish
no comments..smarty pants!! he he
Thanks for appreciating...GOD is himself the watever i write about him has got to be the truth..though the projection is lil trivial.