A walk to remember

on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Standing by my window
I look outside,
Going back to the memory lanes
Mind gets sweeped with emotional tide.
I look at the kids,
Playing in the street
They remind me of the childhood
That was a phase, very sweet.
Those were the days
When smiles and giggles mattered
Now reign the dreams,
Half fulfilled and half shattered!
Balloons, candies, toys
Made Aladdin's treasure
Even the millions we earn today,
Can't give that pleasure.
Better marks and grades,
Did not matter
Mickey and Minnie
Decorated room corner
When I ask myself,
What is childhood
A voice within me says,
It's when one doesn't have to
Worry about livelihood.
The carefree plays,
And joyful rides
Cycling down the streets,
And up on the hillside.
Rushing to the playground
With a gleeful laughter,
Mother warning and shouting
But never looking after!
A ball comes,
Swinging in the air
Bringing me back to the window,
I started from where!


Manish said...

I wud say...Never Ending memories :)

thats all ...... :)

Manish said...

yeh padhke mere ko toh 3rd class ki yaad aa gayi...yaar.. :(...
sweetest class....