The Core Death

on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What is this void within me
Sucking all the happiness,
And bounding my spirit which was
Once so free.
The tree which was green
Stands lifeless
Never knowing,
Chi was waiting to egress.
The place where,
Once life flourished
All the vitality
Now seems to be perished.
Little bud opened its eyes
Dancing with the joy,
Sky rised high.
As the days passed,
Shoot grew into a lovely flower.
Heavens seemed to drink
From its colourful shower.
Now stands the trunk
So dull and pale
Leaving no signs of life,
No energy trail.
That is how it goes on
A new life is born
To laugh, sing and dance
And eventually it vanishes off
But life moves on and on..


Manish said...

hmmmmmmm.itna serious aap bhi ho sakte ho kabhi socha nahi tha....acchi hai usual...:)

careless infancy said...

@ manish
yaar serious toh main bahaut hoon..bas masti k mood mein zyada rehti hn..neway thanks dear for appreciatin my work :)