The beauty of mother nature

on Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sitting on the cliff
Along the coastline
Keeping my eyes closed
Enjoying the aura so divine.
Away from the crowd,
In an ambience so serene
Waves striking and returning
In the depths of water so blue and clean.
Wind blowing, caressing my cheeks
Hugging and filling me deep with relief
Ripples in the sea are rhythmic,
Making with the breeze, a flawless sync
The melody fills the veins,
When nature plays with the perfection so plain.
Slowly I open my eyes
The lush green of algae
Makes a picturesque sight.
Sun rises
And comes above the horizon,
Painting on the canvas of sky
An orange yellow pattern.
The golden rays,
Spread all over
Giving a touch of tan
To blues of  water,
And I smile and relish
The beauty of mother nature.


Adnan said...

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abhishek said...

its too nice anu (pange vali jnr)

so much creative after read this poem no comment its realy too nice

Manish said...

Poème impressionnantes..... aap toh yaar pakka poète interdire hi chuke ho ab...likhna de Roman paru en bas démarrage karna hia...: P

SOCH RAHE HOGE KYA LIKHA HAI...TRANSLATE IT FROM FRENCH TO ENGLISH..and see kya likh rakha hai...accha tarika hai ..suspense banaye rakhne ka .[:D]