Confession of a loving heart..

on Sunday, March 8, 2009

Every morning I open my eyes,
To see you standing by my bedside.
And as I lean forward to hold you,
You disapper like a flash of light.
I look in the mirror,
I find you standing at my rear.
I glance at you,
To see you disappear.
In the bask of sun,
I seek warmth,
But nothing can compare to
The affection in the wrap of your arms.
Your thoughts captivate me
My love for you casts a spell on me.
One moment my heart aches for you,
And another, it blooms thinking about you.
I fly like a bird,
I touch the skies,
I connect to the moon and stars,
Repudiating all the bonds and ties.
I like you,
I'm crazy for u,
I want you to hold me
These burning feelings I want you to catch.
I want to sing with you,
I want to dance.
I don't want to let go
Those moment of trance.
I like you with all my heart
I don't know when my eyes locked on you,
But that marked this new chapter's start.
Gone are the moments
When I couldn't speak.
I want to confess my love for you
Are you all set to listen to my plea?


Mukesh said...

wow!!!!!!!! superb one :)
lage raho....aajkal bada pyar vyar chal raha hai....kya chakkar hai[;)]

careless infancy said...

@ mukesh
chakkar??? is in the air ;)

Anonymous said...

..hmmmm love....yeh toh aisa hai naa..jispe aaj tak likhi jaa rahi hai daastaan...well mera toh bilkul bhi mann nahi daastaan ka ek hissa banne ka...

chalo ab poem pe kuch vichar..dekho..mujhe toh pata nahi ..aisa kyun lagta u r in love or u were in love....kyunki agar ham deep mein study kare toh yahi conclusion nikalta hai....well aap aise toh bologe nahi...kisi din proof milega toh sabse pehle aapko hi fax karunga.. hehehe...well agar aisi koi baat nahi hai..toh bahut hai accha hai....keep writing on this topic....pata bhi toh chalna chahiye naa logo u r multitalented...aapke paas ideas thoughts ki toh puri library hai...
aapse hi toh inspire hoke..maine likhna chalu kiya..hehehe..guruji yeh thi aapki dakshina... :) ...[:P] ....

careless infancy said...

@ manish
arey koi chakkar nahi hai yaar..i hv never been in love.. it's jst my imagination...or may b u can say experience i hv got after eading so many MBs and watching so many romantic movies including our bollywood ones.. and proff toh tumhe tab milega na jab fact hoga :P

Anonymous said...

Bahut hi accha hai....keep it up !!!!! its all time waste....seriously....

Kunal said...

Chakkar ka tho pata nahi.. Par as much as i know you.. You are loved by everyone :)

Kunal Janu

careless infancy said...

@ kunal
thank u :)

anirudh sharma said...

wonderful verbal dexterity...and thanks for your comment on my painting, appreciate it.