Cry of a despondent mind

on Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darkness has crept in
Engulfing hope within
Dreams which rested,
In these eyes
Seem to have vanished,
Far away in those distant skies.

As time goes on
Life unfolds its another form.
All the courage vanishes,
With every passing day
Leaving me in utter dismay.

There's a hollow,
Inside me, leaving me
Out of sense,
And pushing me far away,
Seemingly into a nothingness.

I am lost in this wordly crowd
The dreams and desires,
Left my side.
Hope has faded away,which once
Helped me to stand out.

I wander lonely, in this
lonesome world.
Pacing up and down all night worrying
Waiting for twilight,
Anticipating riddance of my miserable plight.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why its happening only to you....but then it all happens again....I know if I wud have been in ur place.... I wonder what wud have happened to me....abhi bhi sochkar darr toh lagta hai....but abhi time hai.....I like this one personally...abhi tak ki toh ..sabse acchi described poem...
ab kya kahun wahi baat hai..short of words....heehehehe....may be...but ya..yeh jo sad poems hoti hai naa..they leave a lot on our mind.... :)

careless infancy said...

@ manish
ya u r rite...sad poems leave a great impact on one's mind.. anyway thanks for appreciating my u hv done always :)

Anonymous said...


Anu said...

hmmmm...gud one,the best poem...i hav read...

well done di..ur now a poetess also..pata nahi tha....this poems sumwht describes my life tooo

Ryuzaki said...

gr8 poem...from a true artist.......

jz dun let such thots take over YOU!!