Clouds of fear, sun of success

on Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I stand on the podium,
Getting accolades
And applauds echoing in my ear
I remember those days, spent in fear.
The fear of failure,
The fear to lose,
A feeling I hated,
More than a booze.
It felt gloomy,
It felt dark
I used to wonder
Why I can't be a gay lark.
With the taxing times
Coming ahead
I could not find
Myself at rest.
Then came an angel,
Into my life
And helped me know,
Happiness does not come
Where anxieties rife.
I saw my angel,
I saw God
I looked back,
And I knew, fallacious is, what he was not.
He wiped the darkness
And helped me conquer the fear
He had this belief in me,
And was there for me to cheer.
He instilled in me
This very thought
Failure is not end, but a bend
And I consented with a nod.
I walked on the road to success,
I found the path
This journey from dusk to dawn,
Taught me I could have never seen the sun
With clouds of apprehension on my lawn.


Anonymous said...

U r the best..
Why don't u write one about me :)


careless infancy said...

@ kunal
Sure will write one someday...i knw it's been long awaited..sry to hv kept u waitin for so long!!!

Manish said...

Always keep trying to write the this way you wud definitely be a successful writer one day..though by this statement i m not saying that all these poems are just effort..but it is necessary to say so that u keep trying more and more for the BEST.......!!!!!!!


careless infancy said...

@ manish
now wat to say..m speechless...thanks for the motivation :)

Mukesh said...

i m sure one day u r going to be a great poem writer. dont let d spirit down!!! marvelous ...