on Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have you seen a lighthouse, my friend?
Giving off light and guiding
the sailors,in the far distant sea,
Standing firm like a life tree.
Ships come sailing,
Finding path in its light,
And it keeps glowing and glowing
Never giving up against darkness,
And continues its fight.
Have you seen a candle, my friend?
The small little candle,when lights
The whole aura, it enlights.
It shields the feeble thread inside,
And would burn itself,
To keep the thread at core enlightened with pride.
On this life journey,
When I set for sailing
I'm carefree and blithe,
Cuz I know I have you, standing firm as a lighthouse,
Comforting me with your care
And trailing everywhere.
When there's no light around
And I find myself in dark,
I look to you, knowing
You are the candle, to wipe
The darkness so stark.
Did I tell you my friend, the story of sun?
It rises every morning
And sets everyday to give,
A new day with every new dawn.
But you, my friend, are the Sun
That keeps glowing throughout the night,
And this shine makes every wrong feel like so right.


Manish said...

....ya u r right ..:) ..ek toh hota hi hai margdarshan karne wala....waise aapka lighthouse kaun hai ???? hehehehehe,.....

Manish said...

aap bhi bahut hi deep thinking ke saath likhte ho..poem... :) ..

careless infancy said...

@ manish
haan 1lighthouse toh hota hi hai..but m blessed to hv more than 1lighthouses in my life..and abt deep thinkin..well...tats me!!! :)

Ryuzaki said...

wonderful....well i think this poem describes an almost perfect friend...coz no1 can b perfect...
poem is perfect though in defining a friend :)